Ideal Meat and Cheese Pairings

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Finding the perfect meat and cheese pairings is always an absolute treat for the senses. There are, of course, some classic pairings that you’ll find in every deli across the country, but it’s also a lot of fun to get creative and find wonderful flavor combinations that create the perfect sandwich.

Here are a few of our recommended pairs with meat and wholesale cheese in Albuquerque, NM:

  • Corned beef and cheddar: This is a classic pairing you’ll probably see busted out around St. Patrick’s Day every year across the United States. Corned beef, cheddar cheese and cabbage grilled on rye is a classic Irish sandwich, and one that has been a mainstay for generations. We recommend putting your corned beef brisket in a slow cooker with a couple cups of broth and some Worcestershire sauce and letting it cook for eight hours.
  • Grilled pastrami and Swiss: Again, this is an old-school kind of sandwich, and one you’ll find at just about every deli in New York. Pastrami and Swiss is a classic for a reason—it’s delicious, and will never go out of style. Plus, it allows you to get a little creative with your condiments if you wish to do so.
  • Ham and Camembert: Ham and cheese sandwiches are another staple, and there are countless cheese pairings you could use. Gouda, Muenster, cheddar and provolone are all perfectly delicious options. We’re especially fans of Camembert with ham. It might be a little more unorthodox compared to some of the previously listed options, as camembert has a stronger flavor and smell, but it pairs extremely well with ham and is ideal for people who want to “spice up” their ham and cheese sandwich with a type of cheese that might be a bit out of their comfort zone.
  • Turkey and Havarti: Turkey and cheese is another type of classic, and you’ll find variations of it at any deli or sandwich shop in the nation. We’re big fans of roasted turkey breast and Havarti, as it provides an excellent texture and taste combination to balance the turkey breast, especially when it’s honey roasted.
  • Salami and Asiago: Salami is often paired with provolone, but is at least as delicious with asiago. Asiago is understandably mistaken for Parmesan quite frequently, as they are very similar in appearance, but Asiago’s taste is much nuttier and sweeter. While it’s often used on its own in cheese platters, it really stands out when paired with salami, whether in a sandwich or as an appetizer or snack.
  • Prosciutto and feta: Prosciutto is a favorite at any Italian deli or market. Pairing it with feta, another Mediterranean staple, makes sense not just culturally but taste-wise, as the two play off of each other perfectly.

These are just a few examples of some of the most delicious meat and cheese pairings you’ll find. Head out to your local deli today to get some meats and wholesale cheeses in Albuquerque, NM of your own.

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